ASP: Budesonide reverses course

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BALTIMORE – When it comes to nebulizer medication pricing, one quarter you’re up; another quarter you’re down.

Average sales price (ASP) figures for the first quarter of 2014 revealed a decrease for budesonide (J7626) of nearly 35 cents to $5.60 per dose. That’s in contrast to the previous quarter, when the drug increased 85 cents.

The only other drugs to see increases for the upcoming quarter: brand names Brovana (J7605) and Perforomist (J7606), which increased 22 cents and 6 cents, respectively. That puts pricing for Brovana at $5.77 and Perforomist at $6.36.

There was relatively little change for other neb meds. Albuterol (J7613) and ipratropium (J7644) were both down less than one cent to just under 12 cents per dose each.