ATG Rehab keeps patients in the loop

Friday, June 1, 2012

ROCKY HILL, Conn. – Clients getting wheelchairs from ATG Rehab now have the option of getting something else: text messages and emails.

At its 2012 National Education Conference in Denver recently, ATG Rehab rolled out a new "push notification" program that sends updates to clients and clinicians during the service delivery process.

"Communication is one of the most challenging areas in our industry because the transaction cycle for a new wheelchair often takes a fairly lengthy amount of time," said Cody Verrett, vice president of sales and marketing.

That lengthy time can be frustrating for clients, who are used to buying things like TVs and sneakers, and taking them home the same day, Verrett said. 

ATG Rehab’s ATPs now ask clients during the intake process for their preferred method of communication and, so far, they prefer text messages over emails and phone calls. With new texting options, they can get immediate notifications each time their order status changes, Verrett said.

"The goal is to keep everybody in the loop along the way," he said. "That improves customer satisfaction and that's really what we're looking for."

Another communication initiative ATG Rehab emphasized at the conference: collecting information about a client and how he or she is going to pay for the wheelchair before the evaluation. Taking the guesswork out of the process allows ATG Rehab’s ATPs to provide better guidance and set realistic expectations for the patient based on what the payer will cover and what his or her co-pay would be, Verrett said.

"When the ATP is aware of what the insurance or funding source is, what the allowables are, and what kind of service they can provide, that makes the entire process more streamlined and more efficient," he said.