August NewsPoll

Saturday, August 31, 2002

Should HMEs meet a new, higher standard of credentialing before they are allowed to participate in the Medicare program?

Yes - 68%
No - 23%

What higher standard should HME providers be subject to?

Surety Bond - 8
Accreditation - 28
State Licensure - 34
Federal Licensure - 15
Clinical Association Membership - 17
Additional CEU Procurement - 21
Other - 3
Respondents picked more than one.

"It is time that the DME industry sheds its image of fraud and abuse. The reputable providers must push in unison for credentialing and/or licensure to eliminate those who continue to drag the DME industry down."

Sam Clay, pres., Clay Home Medical
"There are enough regulations. The client has always done well by researching and asking others about who to buy from."