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Bates for city council

Bates for city council

There are a few hundred HME providers who regularly make the trek to Capitol Hill to lobby on industry issues. They walk miles of mazelike marble halls, shake numerous hands and ask for support over and over. Sometimes, they even get it.

Tim Bates is one of those providers. And he likes it. So much so, that he's decided to run for office himself—his local city council in Clermont, Fla.

"Just spending time up in DC and walking the halls of Congress and meeting with legislators and what have, I took to it," said Bates, owner of Premier Home Health Care in Orlando. "I enjoy it and wanted to bring it home and try to accomplish good things on a local level.

How, I asked, does he find time to run for office and run an HME business?

"It takes more time than I anticipated, but I still manage to balance family and the business," said Bates. "It's quite challenging."

And he's doing all that while still keeping any eye on industry issues—he ranks competitive bidding as No. 1.

To learn more about his campaign:


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