Be part of something bigger

Friday, June 20, 2014

You’ll notice that a number of sessions at this year’s HME News Business Summit look outward for answers. (See the full educational program at

They explore topics like: What are the latest efforts to alter healthcare reform? How are researchers shifting care for patients with costly chronic conditions? How are acute-care organizations changing their makeup, and how are they putting a premium on outcomes?

Rest assured that, while these sessions look outward, they also tie tightly back in to home medical equipment.

On the changing makeup of acute-care organizations, for example, Tom Sayre will dig into the critical role of HME providers in bridging care across continuums. Sayre, whose job is to help Catholic Health Initiatives better align itself with post-acute care providers, says, “If we’re at risk for a life or an episode, we need to figure out how to engage other providers in meaningful ways.”

The goal of these sessions: to move HME providers beyond the industry-specific conflicts of competitive bidding, and get them thinking more globally about health care.

This is what, we believe, will position them to make the kinds of business decisions that will carry them forward.

In today’s tumultuous healthcare environment, this is more important than ever, because no healthcare organization, not even hospitals, can go it alone anymore.

It’s time to be part of something bigger.

See you in Minneapolis!


In “AAHomecare closes in on key issues” in the May 12 HME Newswire and on page 3 of the June 2014 issue, the quote from Kim Brandt of the Senate Finance Committee should read: “Then we’ll work with the chairman to have a hearing after July 4.”