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Bob Cucuel gets show on the road

Bob Cucuel gets show on the road

Bob Cucuel has done it again. Several years after rolling up and selling American Homecare Supply to Air Products  for the princely sum of $165 million, he's done the same thing with Critical Homecare Solutions, which BioScrips just acquired for $343 million.

Cucuel launched CHS, a home infusion provider in 2006 when he acquired Specialty Pharma and New England Home Therapies.

In October 2007, he took it public with a $125 million IPO. Fast forward a few months to February 2008, Cucuel inked a deal with MBF Healthcare Acquisition for $420 million. That deal was orginally slated to close later that summer but, after getting pushed back and then restructured the deal fell through. At the time, Cucuel told a newspaper "it's just not the time to launch a road show"to get financing.

Stay tuned for this developing story.

Theresa Flaherty


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