Bowman Medical ‘steps out’

Monday, March 31, 2008

SAN CARLOS, Calif. – Hardly a month passes without news of a home medical equipment provider expanding his business. Late last year, however, Daryl Bowman did the exact opposite when he stopped servicing the San Francisco Bay Area.
Bowman, owner of Bowman Medical, which has one location in San Carlos, Calif., now serves only San Mateo County, an area with about 705,500 residents.
“We discontinued taking referral sources in the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose areas,” he said. “We gave them the names of other providers to call. It was a major step out for us.”
Bowman downsized his business mainly to cut back on delivery costs. Before the move, his staff sometimes spent up to an hour on the road per delivery. Now, they spend no more than 30 minutes. The result: a 30% reduction in delivery and service costs.
“It has been less stressful for everyone, like taking a big breath,” Bowman said. “Not to mention, we’re more efficient now, which means we’re getting more compliments.”
Bowman could have opened additional branches to more easily service his growing geographical reach, but “not all of us are meant to be huge corporations,” he said.
“It was a leadership decision,” Bowman said. “There are benefits to being a smaller company: easier work schedule, easier decision making.”
After downsizing, Bowman has been able to concentrate more on sales and marketing and to participate in chamber of commerce-type events, which has boosted business.
“Our business is still growing—just in a tighter area,” he said. HME