Box: Incontinence

Sunday, October 30, 2011


'Normalizing' incontinence: Urinary dysfunction is an affliction that no one likes to talk about, let alone admit they have. But a dynamic marketing campaign by the pharmaceutical industry has turned erectile dysfunction into a major business while removing the stigma associated with the condition. Some believe that a similar initiative could do the same for the incontinence market.


Demand uptick: Research shows that as the baby boomers continue to enter the ranks of the elderly, there has been a corresponding growth in demand. Global Industry Analysts predicts that the market for catheters alone will reach nearly $3 billion worldwide by 2015.


Thinking creatively: As Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement levels sink below the break-even line, providers need to look at alternative strategies to augment losses, such as combining horizontal product lines, re-thinking delivery logistics and promoting higher quality products to sell for cash.