Box: Incontinence and skin care

Friday, March 22, 2013

Changing Market

Beyond commodities: Where incontinence garments were once considered commodities that were sold in bulk for razor thin margins, the aging baby boomer generation is turning the category into a retail-friendly marketplace where service plays a valuable role—perfect for HME providers.

VaniShing stigma

Sales “sensitivity”: While discussing an incontinence patient’s condition, sales reps need to show empathy and delicacy toward the customer. But as incontinence loses its stigma in society, insistence about “plain brown wrapper” packaging is seemingly becoming less important to consumers.

Companion categories

Options abound: Skin care is the biggest and most logical complementary product line for incontinence patients, with a wide array of ointments, creams and protectants available. But because incontinence is a symptom of various conditions, other categories are attractive options, as well, including diabetes supplies, nutritional supplements, bath safety and aids to daily living.