Brave new worlds: Competitive bidding, blogs

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Provider Bruce Vanhoorn’s not in Round 1 or Round 2 of national competitive bidding, but that doesn’t mean the program won’t affect him “heavily,” he says.

Vanhoorn, owner of Roman Wheelchairs in Rome, Ga., expects providers in nearby competitive bidding areas without contracts to expand into rural areas like his to make up for lost business. That means increased competition.

“I haven’t heard of anyone doing it yet, but it’s bound to happen,” he said. “They’d be fools not to. Right now, they’re doing good at what they’re doing, but if they didn’t win a bid, they’re going to have to try and survive. They’re going to branch out.”

Miss Blogger

Provider Joan Cross entered the 21st century—albeit kicking and screaming-when she launched a blog in April.

“I’m not Miss Blogger; this is my 17-year-old daughter’s world,” she said. “It’s one way I can voice my opinion and not get in huge trouble.”

Cross, director of operations for Bradenton, Fla.-based C&C Homecare, has a high profile. She’s been part of the industry for 20 years, participating in industry groups like the Florida Association of Medical Equipment Services. So she always has something to say, good, bad or ugly.

On the camaraderie at VGM’s Heartland Conference in June, which was curtailed due to historic flooding, for example, Cross said: “We were standing outside before the evacuation having cocktails, when a man from the hotel (asked if we could help sandbag),” she said. “There was not one person who did not get up to go out and help sandbag.”

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