Friday, February 28, 2003

OSA, obesity share common genes

BOSTON - Obstructive sleep apnea has long been linked to couch potatoes but researchers have now identified a genetic link between bulging bellies and a lousy night’s sleep. Researchers did not identify specific genes, but found areas of the genome associated with apnea and obesity. The relationship between apnea and health problems, however, is more complicated than genetics. Often, one condition exacerbates another, and weight loss is often enough to reverse OSA, researchers noted. The study was scheduled to appear in the February issue of American Journal of Human Genetics.

Nevertheless, solving the genetic puzzle could lead to drug therapies for people who are predisposed to the disorders, researchers said.
Short takes from all over

Essentially Women Buying Group has added three new Participating Vendors: Christina America, Inc; Global Health Products, Inc; Juzo. In other news, the group will hold its third annual educational conference and trade show (Focus On The Future 2003) in Nashville, Tenn, Wednesday, March 26th through Friday March 28th… directDME has been named the exclusive retailer for Empi, a manufacturer and provider of non-invasive medical products (electrotherapy, iontophoretic drug delivery, orthotic and incontinence items) used for physical rehabilitation…Data from a study published in the current issue of “Chest, The Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Journal,” suggest nebulized Xopenex (levalbuterol) as an effective first-line therapy for hospitalized adults with (COPD) or asthma…Walgreens Health Initiatives, the pharmacy giant’s HME arm, joined ChoiceCare Network as a preferred provider last month. Under the agreement, Choice Care members can received a range of HME benefits at in-network prices…Rutland Regional Medical Center in Rutland, Vt., recently added two beds to is accredited sleep lab, a moved intended to decrease its waiting list from about seven weeks to three…