Friday, February 28, 2003

Rehab Designs prepares for on-line ordering
LOUISVILLE, KY - Rehab Designs, a Kentucky-based supplier of mobility and positioning equipment, has revamped its eight-year-old Web site, allowing for on-line ordering. Operations Manager Tim Barrett said the rehab supply company has finally found a “user friendly” program that will allow customers to order mobility and positioning equipment 24-hours-a-day and on weekends. The improved site has been in development for five months and will also include a database of partners section, listing Rehab Designs’ retailers and a pricelist of equipment.
Calif. college sets speed limit for PWCs

LOS ANGELES - Concerned for the safety of pedestrians on campus, Valley College in Los Angeles is cracking down on speeders by setting a new speed limit of 4 mph for wheelchairs, 1 mph faster than the average walking speed. Administrators said they issued the policy this fall because more students are using motorized wheelchairs that can go faster but are also heavier and can cause serious injury if they hit someone, the Los Angeles Times reported.
Although no collisions have been reported and no citations have been handed out on the 20,000-student campus, there have been some close calls, school officials reported.
Physicians at the Jobst Vascular Center in Toledo, Ohio are testing a new treatment for patients with severe circulatory problems in the lower extremities that may eventually eliminate amputation all together. Researchers are in the second phase of testing a genetically engineered growth factor designed to grow new blood vessel in patients…Major Mobility in Topsham, Maine, and N-Able, a Portland, Maine-based pediatric mobility and custom wheelchair seating company merged on Jan.2. Both companies are 7-years-old and will now operate out of one location in Topsham. Brad Nichols, former owner of N-Able, was brought in as the Manager of the Rehabilitation Department for Major Mobility.