Friday, April 30, 2004

Yager takes the helm at CHAD

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Earl L. Yager will succeed Thomas E. Jones as CEO of CHAD Therapeutics. Jones will remain as chairman of the board and Yager will continue in his role as president. Tracy Kern will succeed Yager as CFO. Jones served as CEO for six years. Yager, a CPA, has served as CHAD’s CFO since 1983.
Traction for Trac at MED

SCHENECDETY, N.Y. - The MED Group joined the accelerating e-CMN bandwagon in late March with an agreement to purchase a “significant number” of pre-paid transactions from Trac Medical. Trac Medical also has signed important agreements in recent weeks with AAHomecare and Apria Healthcare. “This purchase was as significant as Apria’s in terms of who is buying,” said Trac’s president, Jeff Frankel. “Because it’s the MED Group, this sends a message that e-CMNs are viable and that we can deliver on what’s been advertised.” MED’s membership includes 200 HME suppliers doing business out of 700 locations nationwide. “If we look back from the end of this year, I would hope that we’d get 50% or more [of MED membership] processing e-CMNs.,” said Jeff Woodham, MED’s vice president of information systems. The rate of conversion from paper to electronic CMNs is largely determined by the enthusiasm of physician referral sources. Trac has certified about 1,000 physicians to process e-CMNs already. Woodham said a survey among members three years ago found that HME providers spend about $23 to $25 to process a single paper CMN.