Byram completes additional ostomy and diabetes acquisitions

Sunday, October 26, 2003

October 27, 2003

MILFORD, Conn. - Byram Healthcare Centers completed three patient-base acquisitions from independent providers located in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Maryland. These acquisitions included a mix of diabetes, ostomy and urological patients and strengthen Byram’s position in all three markets, the company stated in a release.

With revenues in excess of $70 million, Byram is a leading provider of disposable medical supplies. The company’s strategy is to expand through organic sales growth and through acquisitions. Byram markets its patient-base acquisition program as a way for HME providers to exiting the low-margin supplies business and focus on higher margin respiratory and/or equipment business.

One of Byram’s new acquisitions included supplies patients from NeighborCare Professional Pharmacy Services, Baltimore, Md.

“The integration process has been very easy for our patients,” said Barry Bress, NeighborCare’s vice president. “Byram’s experience with these transactions is obvious. They effectively coordinated the transition with our 32 retail pharmacies to ensure that there was no interruption to the pharmacy operations or, most importantly, to our customers.”

Byram specializes in the provision of products for treatment and care of chronic conditions in four areas: ostomy, diabetes, urology/incontinence and wound care. The company serves 170,000+ customers from seven regional operating centers.