Cars crash through provider storefronts

Sunday, December 31, 2006

CARLSBAD, Calif. - A Chevy Cavalier crashed through the storefront window of a Carlsbad, Calif., Lincare branch over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
The driver, 79-year-old Delma Munoz, was parking her car in an angled spot in front of the branch when she pushed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal, according to local police. The car drove across the sidewalk, through the window and came to a rest completely inside the front office.
Lincare was closed for the holiday, so no one was inside the branch when the crash occurred, according to police.
Munoz was not injured.


Also over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, 83-year-old Lawrence Powers drove his Mercury Grand Marquis through the storefront of Chicago's Fitzsimmons Home Medical Equipment when he pushed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal.
"It was like a bomb went off," Store Manager Phylis Bemis told a local newspaper. "We were all working when there was this loud crash, and I saw the elderly gentleman's car come through the window."
No one was badly hurt in this crash, either.