Category: Billing systems

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A new breed

• Enhanced functionality: Today's billing systems are designed to do much more than claims processing, including compliance, accreditation management, inventory control, document imaging, data analysis, GPS tracking, retail management and reorder management. Some say, however, that more attention needs to be placed on bolstering compliance and rules management as part of the software functionality.

Adoption barriers

• Resistance factor: The primary reasons why more HME providers haven't implemented new generation billing systems are cost and aversion to change. Yet as the healthcare industry automates for electronic health records, the HME industry will inevitably have to follow suit. Vendors point to return-on-investment from faster claims turnarounds and greater operational efficiencies as incentives for adoption.

System optimization

• Training assistance: Getting the most from an advanced billing system requires education and most vendors offer some sort of training program for staff. Whether it's hands-on direction, seminars or online resources, HME providers need to take advantage of the vendor's expertise to optimize the billing system's capabilities.