Category: Portable oxygen concentrators

Friday, June 22, 2012


The ideal system?: While some oxygen patients could rely on a portable oxygen concentrator as their sole system, most manufacturers believe that the POC is a nice complementary unit to a stationary concentrator or transfilling unit. Because POC models vary so widely in terms of flow, weight and battery life, the ideal POC will differ from patient to patient.


Consumers want POCs: Oxygen system manufacturers acknowledge that a key driver to the portable unit’s success is demand from consumers. While the desire to have a POC represents retail sales potential for respiratory providers, they also face stiff competition from direct-to-consumer websites that are bypassing the HME supply chain.


Parking the van: The lower reimbursement floor has forced oxygen providers to take a hard look at the necessity of maintaining a fleet of trucks and drivers for conventional oxygen delivery. High overhead is a killer in the cost-sensitive oxygen business and cutting that expense could mean the difference between survival and failure.


These are some interesting thoughts and I agree that POC are quite important to many of us now adays because of our desire to move around so much. I do think that your thought on the ideal system is a smart one. I think it seems very smart to use your poc as a complementary system to your actual home unit.