Category: Power wheelchairs

Thursday, August 31, 2006

- Power mobility device means a covered item of durable medical equipment that includes a power wheelchair (a four-wheeled motorized vehicle whose steering is operated by an electronic device or a joystick to control direction and turning) or a power-operated vehicle (a three- or four-wheeled motorized scooter that is operated by a tiller) that a beneficiary uses in the home.

- New local coverage determinations for power mobility devices were slated to become effective Oct. 1, 2006, and incorporate 64 new codes plus local coverage criteria for each individual group of codes. The CMS final rule on Conditions for Payment of Power Mobility Devices became effective on June 5, 2006.
effective retailing:
- Power chairs are a perfect "show-and-sell" product, so it's important to use as many props as possible when giving demonstrations. Test tracks are designed to let customers try before they buy and bath safety vignettes can serve a dual purpose when set up as part of a real-world driving course. Keep the demo model shiny and the battery charged at all times. Show-how cushions, lifts and ramps round out a complete mobility package.

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