Category: Scooters

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


*       Falling funding: Health plan coverage is dwindling for scooters in the public and private domains and even when they are paid for it is only for the most basic models. So manufacturers recommend that scooter dealers focus more on retail sales to maximize their revenues. Strong demand from a burgeoning demographic (with access to cash) ensures that sales potential is significant.


*       Accessories galore: Scooters have a plethora of add-on sales items and manufacturers recommend decking out showroom floor models with every conceivable option. The long menu of ancillary products includes: tote bags, cane holders, oxygen holders, cup holders, baskets, flags and covers. Dealers should also consider institutional sales to resorts, casinos and shopping malls while expanding vertical product lines, such as vehicle lifts and ramps.


*       Professional help: Manufacturers are eager to help their dealers with sales, marketing and merchandising assistance. Programs include plan-a-grams, sales training, product information, promotional banners and maintenance support.