Friday, January 31, 2003

What is an RTS?
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Permobil’s decision to sells its products to only those companies that employ RTSs (or to providers with two years in the business) raises questions about what it means to be a rehab technology supplier.
Although the CRTS (certified rehab technology supplier) acronym has been trademarked by NRRTS, any rehab provider can, and often does, refer to himself as an RTS. Nevertheless NRRTS has defined an RTS as a specialist who provides enabled technology in the following areas:

- wheeled mobility

- seating and alternative positioning

- ambulation assistance

- environmental control

- augmented communication

- and/or activities of daily living

NRRTS also identifies an RTS as an employee of a company that offers product choices. While most consider product choice to mean brand choice, at least one company that is both a supplier and a manufacturer of scooters and power chairs takes exception to that requirement.

“What about those dealers who have purchasing deals with one major manufacturer? And what about when that manufacturer puts them on credit hold?” said Calvin Cole, director of corporate development at Hoveround. “Are you telling me that those companies are offering choice?” HME