Clark keeps patients mobile

Saturday, February 28, 2009

HUDSON, N.Y.--Clark Respiratory and Medical Supply has encouraged its oxygen patients to think outside of the tank. Since January 2008, the provider has converted more than 100 patients from gas and liquid to portable oxygen concentrators (POCs).

“They don’t have to rely on us anymore for tank deliveries,” said Courtney Clark, marketing coordinator. “They don’t have to call and tell us how many empty tanks they have and how many filled ones they need.”

Clark Respiratory rolled out its “tankless oxygen campaign” with three objectives in mind: reduce the time and costs associated with deliveries and refills; combat decreasing reimbursement; and help patients maintain mobility.

Once patients are settled at home with a concentrator and tanks, a respiratory therapist then assesses their ability to use a POC.  

So far, Clark Respiratory has set up 150 patients with AirSep’s FreeStyle POC, Clark said. About 85% of their patients can tolerate the pulse dose unit. Those patients who cannot receive either Invacare HomeFill or DeVilbiss iFill units.

The provider has been advertising the benefits of POCs to all of its referral services, Clark said. 

“As soon as you sit an oxygen patient down for too long, their quality of life decreases,” she said. “Keeping them mobile and keeping them independent improves their quality of life.”