CMS announces bidding timeline for Round 1 2017

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BALTIMORE – Registration for Round 1 2017 opens Aug. 25, and the bid window opens Oct. 15, CMS announced yesterday.

“CMS is achieving additional savings as part of the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of the competitive bidding program,” stated CMS Deputy Administrator Sean Cavanaugh in a press release. “Data used to monitor the effectiveness of the overall competitive bidding program show that implementation is going smoothly, with few inquiries or complaints and no adverse changes to beneficiary health outcomes.”  

Due to lower payments and decreased utilization, the Round 1 recompete has saved Medicare more than $580 million over three years (January 2011-December 2013), according to CMS. Round 2, which spanned 91 cities, and the national mail-order program have saved Medicare $2 billion in the first year, the agency says.

The complete Round 1 2017 timeline:

Aug. 25
Registration for user IDs and passwords begins

Sept. 14
Authorized Officials are strongly encouraged to register no later than this date

Oct. 5
Backup Authorized Officials are strongly encouraged to register no later than this date

Oct. 15
CMS opens bid window for Round 1 2017

Oct. 23
Registration closes

Nov. 16
Covered document review date for bidders to submit financial documents

Dec. 16
Bid window closes

Winter 2016
Preliminary bid evaluation notification

Summer 2016
CMS announces single payment amounts, begins contracting process

Fall 2016
CMS announces contract suppliers, begins contract supplier education campaign and begins beneficiary, referral agent and supplier education program

Jan. 1, 2017 
Implementation of Round 1 2017 contracts and prices

The seven product categories included in the Round 1 2017 are: enteral nutrients and equipment; general home equipment; nebulizers; negative pressure wound therapy pumps; respiratory equipment; standard mobility equipment; and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation devices.