CMS approves Eclipse for portable oxygen use

Sunday, October 22, 2006

SAN DIEGO - Providers who supply SeQual Technologies' portable oxygen concentrators to Medicare beneficiaries can now bill the agency for both the patient's portable and stationary needs, the manufacturer announced last week. Prior to the decision by CMS, providers could only bill Medicare for the Eclipse's use as a stationary concentrator.

"Over 1 million oxygen patients in the United States need continuous flow," noted Jim Bixby, SeQual's CEO. "We emphasized this to CMS: That by allowing providers to bill the Eclipse as a single device meeting both stationary and portable needs, many additional patients would gain access to a device that can literally change their lives."

The Eclipse weighs 17 pounds, has a retractable handle and wheels, and is about the size of a student's backpack. It fits under standard airplane seats and was approved last month by the Federal Aviation Administration for use aboard commercial airplanes.

The decision by CMS to allow the Eclipse to be billed under the E1392 code means providers can now be reimbursed by Medicare for the Eclipse under both section E1390 (for stationary concentrators) and section E1392 (for portable concentrators).