CMS denies rumored deadline

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ORLANDO, Fla. - During an Open Door Forum Oct. 10, CMS officials shot down rumors that they would require all providers to become accredited beginning April 1, 2009.
"Someone made (it) up," said Sandra Bastinelli, the agency's division director of medical review and education. "It wasn't even a proposed date. It wasn't even close."
At the "Accreditation Update" at Medtrade in October, an industry consultant said the word on the street was that CMS would require mandatory accreditation beginning April 1, 2009.
"It is only rumored at this point, but by that time, it is likely that everyone will have to be accredited whether they are participating in competitive bidding or not," said Mary Ellen Conway, president of Bethesda, Md.-based Capital Healthcare Group.
Bastinelli told listeners that when CMS announces the deadline, the agency will post it on its Web site, announce it during an Open Door Forum and send it out in a listserv mailling.