CMS leaves contract suppliers hanging

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Editor's note: On March 6, CMS posted Form C and instructions to the CBIC website. The ability to print and update Form C won't be available until April 1. For more information, go to^Suppliers.

BALTIMORE - As part of competitive bidding, contract suppliers must provide CMS with details on the items they have provided to beneficiaries in any given quarter. The problem: The first quarter ends March 31 and, as of press time on Friday, CMS still hadn't provided the appropriate form or instructions.

During the March 2 Open Door Forum, Kimberlie Rogers-Bowers of Apria told CMS officials: "We are 20 business days away from some reporting requirements...and it's pertaining to...information that has to be pulled from our computer systems. We really need to have some guidance, because there's some programming required for this."

The CBIC states on its website,, that contract suppliers must provide details on "HCPCS codes, manufacturer and model information and the approximate number of items furnished."

So when will Form C be available?

"There will be e-mails going out shortly that give you information about that," a CMS official stated. "We are busy working behind the scenes...we believe it's going to be an easy process."

Rogers-Bowers replied: "I hope it's very shortly because it's going to be difficult for companies to be in compliance to get the information reported back if we're not given some extra time."

The CMS official pointed out that contract suppliers have 10 days to complete and submit the form.

"So right now, it's scheduled to be due after April 11, but you will be getting information in the next day or two," she said.

The only other HME-related question asked during the forum came from Michelle Hamel of Mira Vista, who wanted to know when there'll be an update on the face-to-face requirement for all DME outlined in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. The answer: "I do believe they're working on that," a CMS official said. "But I don't have any updates."

CMS has scheduled the next Open Door Forum for April 13 at 2 p.m.