CMS now accepts comments via internet

Sunday, February 1, 2004

February 2 , 2004

BALTIMORE - Private citizens, companies and others who want to comment on proposed Medicare and Medicaid regulations now, for the first time, can submit their opinions electronically via the Internet.

CMS last week announced that the new electronic process will begin with the rule proposing changes to the prospective payment system for long-term care hospitals, published in last week’s Federal Register. Those wanting to comment electronically can do so through the Web site or the link to the new CMS system provided in CMS’ published rules.

In addition to comments on proposed or final regulations, the new CMS system will be open for comment on other documents, including policy notices soliciting public input and notices asking for other information, such as nominations for advisory committees.

CMS will continue to consider written comments delivered either by hand or through the mail to the addresses identified in the published rules by the close of the comment period.

Those who forward electronic comments will get an automatic reply confirming their comments were received before the comment period closed. This is not in place for comments received by hand or through the mail. In addition, all electronic comments will be posted on the Web site for the public to review after the comment period closes, including any personally identifiable or confidential business information included in a comment. CMS is working toward posting on its Web site, by early 2005, all comments received by the comment period’s deadline.