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CMS provides bid comparisons

CMS provides bid comparisons

WASHINGTON – CMS on Aug. 5 published another batch of data on Round 2021, this time comparing information from that round to previous rounds of the program. 

The agency provides data for each round for the following categories: 

  • product categories bid 
  • competitive bidding areas bid 
  • competitions bid 
  • bidders eligible to evaluate 
  • bids eligible to evaluate 
  • product categories bid and implemented 
  • competitive bidding areas bid and implemented 
  • competitions bid and implemented 

For example, there were 49,128 bids eligible to evaluate in Round 2021 compared to 32,139 in the Round 2 re-compete and 3,194 in Round 1. 

In May, CMS published information on the number of eligible bids for Round 2021, among other data. 

In January, the agency published a report on the pivotal bids for the product categories included in that round of the program. 


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