Competitive bidding: 'At least they know we are here'

Thursday, April 8, 2010

HOUSTON - To add co-sponsors to H.R. 3790, a bill to repeal national competitive bidding, providers in Texas this week met with the staff of six U.S. representatives.

A group of 11 providers met with Reps. John Culberson, Al Green, Gene Green, Kevin Brady, Michael McCaul and Pete Olsen, according to a release from the Texas Alliance of Home Care Services (TAHCS).

"I think we made a real difference," stated Terry MacDonald, a TAHCS board member and owner of Air-Sense.

Currently, there are 185 co-sponsors for the bill.

Texas providers hope their efforts will bump up that number by a co-sponsor or two or three.

"We will know in the next few days who will sign on to the bill," stated Barry Johnson, TAHCS president. "If we cannot get them all to support the bill today, we will get them tomorrow, but at least they know we are here, we are professional and now they know what we do."

The Accredited Medical Equipment Providers of America (AMEA) coordinated the "in-district" day; it has coordinated similar events in California and Illinois.