Competitive bidding tool kit for providers

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Various organizations and consultants are offering services to help HME providers maneuver the competitive program. They include:

The VGM Group

This member services organization held two webinars in July on "Successful Strategies for Competitive Bidding." It will also present on this topic at Medtrade in October. Additionally, at press time in August, it had a traveling seminar in the works.


Agape Medical Management

This healthcare consulting and billing services company offers a "Bid Package Preparation Service." In Round 1 of competitive bidding, all of its clients were awarded contracts.


Lieber Consulting

This consulting firm will give a presentation at Medtrade in October, "Competitive Bidding--A How To Approach," detailing the impact of the program on all providers, not just those in bid areas.


Premium Consulting Group

Earlier this year, this consulting group partnered with Med-Trust Management to roll out a program that helps providers with strategic planning, registration, covered documentation review, bid submission, risk management and more. It assisted multiple bid winners in Round 1.