Cooking up the ‘whole enchilada’

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

ROCKPORT, Maine - Tyrrell Hunter, owner of Major’s Mobility, knows rehab. Community Oxygen Service owner Sean Welton knows respiratory therapy. By agreeing to work together, but not merge their businesses, the providers can now offer referral sources the “whole enchilada,” Welton said.
Majors Mobility made room for a respiratory corner among its mobility products.

“You take a referral source, they can call one of us and get set up for everything - a power wheelchair, oxygen, BiPap - who knows,” Welton said. “I think it is a smart move for both companies and for our customers. That’s why we are doing it.”

On April 1, the two small companies are scheduled to jointly open a new location in Rockport, Maine.

In November, Majors made room in its Topsham store for a respiratory therapist employed by Community Oxygen Services. Hunter and her staff will help Community Oxygen, located 30 miles or so further up the Maine coast in Damariscotta, build its rehab business.

Hunter, like Welton, expects new hospital referrals, but the business arrangement also holds additional allure. “I’m looking forward to sharing ideas and resources,” Hunter said. “The news seems to be continually negative in this business, and this is energizing me. It’s nice to have some new blood.”