CPAP provider partners up

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SAN JACINTO, Calif. - CPAP provider Rod Petersen continues his quest to offer lower-cost alternatives for people with obstructive sleep apnea. In April, he partnered with a sleep lab to offer a package deal that includes a sleep test and CPAP.
For $999, a patient gets pre- and post-study consultations, an overnight sleep study and a CPAP machine with mask and headgear.
"I've never seen a sleep study for under $1,000-ever," said Petersen, owner of Express CPAP Supply. "This (clinic) agreed to offer a lower priced test for my referrals."
Petersen refers the patient to the sleep clinic in Los Angeles, which conducts the test and sends the results to a physician.
"They pay me, I set up the appointment or give them the number to call," he said. "They have to drive to L.A., do the consult, follow-up with the doctor."
If the patient turns out not have sleep apnea, Petersen refunds $350-the cost of the CPAP.
Before embarking on this venture, Petersen made sure he wasn't crossing any legal lines.
"I can't do sleep studies, because I sell CPAP," said Petersen. "The clinic is a totally separate company doing the study. They are not motivated for a sale of a CPAP."
Petersen owns the online site HME