CPAP questions? Check Twitter for answers

Sunday, January 23, 2011

RICHMOND, Va. – wants CPAP users to know that good therapy is much more than getting a good night’s sleep, and the provider is taking to Twitter to spread the word.

On Jan. 14, planned to hold its first live Q&A on the social networking site to answer questions about CPAP therapy and products.

“That’s the kind of thing we focus on—to educate and inform,” said Jodie Cocke, CEO. “(Twitter) is an easy way for us to get the answers out there and it reaches a broader audience then if someone just e-mails us.”

The provider planned to have staffers as well as local medical professionals available to respond to questions.

Putting the customer first is at the forefront of everything does, said Cocke. The provider, which launched in August 2010, has a brick-and-mortar location but does the bulk of its business on the Internet.

“A lot of Internet companies out there have reputations that they don’t really care about the patients,” said Cocke. “We’re not just shipping out masks and parts. Our goal is to make sure that the patient we are dealing with is compliant with their CPAP therapy.” offers an “RSVP” program, which automatically reminds customers that it’s time to re-order supplies and parts.

“Their machines need maintenance, they need care,” said Cocke. “That’s very easy to forget. As long as it’s operating and helping them, it’s easy to go, ‘OK, it’s fine.’ But they need filters and they need cleaning.”

The RSVP program offers updates on products that they are using. For example, a patient using a certain mask will learn that the manufacturer has improved its features.

The bulk of’s customers are long-time users of CPAP who like the ease of shopping online. The provider accepts no insurance, but provides customers with detailed paperwork so they can submit it on their own—if they wish.

“Most say they can still buy it outright from us cheaper,” said Cocke. “They are pretty well informed and sophisticated buyers.”