CTF shifts gears

Sunday, August 31, 2008

WASHINGTON--The Clinician Task Force has abandoned a survey to assess the impact of national competitive bidding, now that Congress has delayed the program. Instead, the task force is contemplating a survey that assesses the impact of a 9.5% cut on high-end power wheelchairs, said co-coordinator Laura Cohen. In exchange for delaying competitive bidding, the industry accepted a nationwide cut for all products included in Round 1 of the program. From March 1 to July 1, the task force had collected data from 28 rehab facilities in nine of the 10 competitive bidding areas. It planned to collect more data from July 1, when competitive bidding kicked off, to Nov. 1. Collected data included information on whether a product specified/provided met a client’s needs, and whether a provider was part of the evaluation and fitting/delivery. Stay tuned.