Diabco calls upgrades ‘a never ending job’

Saturday, May 31, 2008

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--Diabco Medical Billing Systems revved up its business software recently to help providers use their time more efficiently. The company added new scanning capabilities by partnering with MedForce Technologies; created maintenance logs for concentrators and liquid oxygen equipment; and now flashes an alert when a new patient lives in a competitive bidding area (CBA).

Giving the HME industry’s state of near constant change, updating software “is a never ending job,” said Diabco President Edward Kutt.

Automated competitive bidding patient alert

This screen-flashing alert comes in handy for providers located in and around CBAs and also for mail-order companies that ship diabetic supplies all around the country, he said.

“You are going to provide different products and services to people in competitive bidding areas so if you are a winner you want to know what patients are in bidding areas and those that are not,” Kutt said. “It will save people a lot of headaches.”

MedForce Technologies interface

Diabco offers its own document scanning, storage and retrieval function, but “a lot of people find MedForce’s product more full featured,” Kutt said. This is the first in a multi-step process designed to help Diabco customers integrate more fully and seamlessly with MedForce.

“Scanning eliminates the need for file cabinets, folders and filing rooms,” Kutt said. “It frees up a lot of office space and reduces the time spent looking for documents. It’s a big time saver.”

Oxygen maintenance logs

Accreditation requires maintenance records and automating the process eliminates the need for log books or paper files, Kutt said.

“The paper can get lost or misfiled,” he said. “Having it on your computer is much easier and faster.”