Diabetes bigwig upgrades staff

Monday, February 28, 2005

WESTON, Fla. - LogiMedix, a national provider of diabetes and respiratory supplies, at the end of 2004 padded its executive ranks to prepare for what the company hopes will be a gangbuster 2005.

LogiMedix hired two MP TotalCare veterans to strengthen its executive lineup. Greg Dupuis joined the company as vice president of corporate development and sales, and Richard Butler was hired as vice president of operations.

“I would call them upgrades,” said CEO Robert Kusher. “We had someone in a sales capacity, but Greg Dupuis brings sales and some other corporate development experiences to the role that really expands the scope of what we are doing in that regard. Richard Butler has a wealth of operations experience that exceeds our prior employee, so for that reason I would call them upgrades.”

With its new management lineup, LogiMedix hit the ground running in 2005. On Jan. 1, the company launched a program that provides no-cost blood glucose monitors to patients. LogiMedix sales reps contact diabetes educators, family care physicians and diabetic specialists to promote the availability of the monitors and other services the company offers. Kusher says the goal is provide the products to patients who previously did not have access these treatments.

“The program has really taken off like wildfire,” he said. “We are finding that the healthcare professionals are really embracing the opportunity to deliver these tools to their patients.”

Kusher also said LogiMedix is slated to initiate its first acquisition deals in 2005. Previously the company, which is among the top 25 diabetes providers in the country, according to Kusher, focused only on organic growth. Dupuis, who has acquisition experience at both Lincare and NMC Homecare, is expected to play an integral role in the new endeavor.

“There are a number of HME dealers out there who are probably on the fence right now on whether or not to continue their pharmacy and stay in the respiratory business,” he said. ‘That’s where we feel we have an opportunity to work with them and help them preserve their core business of oxygen and respiratory therapy without the respiratory medication component.”

Despite the reservations of these providers and the plummeting reimbursement for many respiratory medications, LogiMedix is positioned to grow its respiratory business this year while also remaining focused on its core diabetes products.

“I think there is a margin of profitability that warrants our participation in that niche so long as we continue to do so on a sizable scale,” said Kusher.