A direct line to Quantum Rehab

Monday, July 27, 2015

EXETER, Pa. – Quantum Rehab takes feedback so seriously it now has a system in place that allows its field staff to direct comments straight to the company’s corporate headquarters in real time.

The Quantum Rapid Response System is a secure website that field staff access using their smartphones, tablets or computers, and then log the feedback they hear from consumers, clinicians and providers.

“Consumer outcomes are very important to us,” said Megan Kutch, director of product marketing at Quantum Rehab. “Users are the ones using our chairs on a daily basis, so it’s important for us to know exactly what they want, whether it’s an accessory or a seating system, and get it to market as soon as we can.”

Once feedback is logged into the system, “everyone sees it all at once,” Kutch says—R&D, quality, production, sales, customer service, even Pride Mobility Products CEO Scott Meuser. Depending on the feedback, the appropriate department hits the ground running.

The system has already resulted in a significant product tweak. Quantum Rehab upped the maximum speed for its iLevel technology to 3.5 mph after a consumer commented that it would be nice to go faster crossing the street, Kutch said.

“We’re getting, just to give you a quick average, more than 10 posts per day with various feedback,” she said.

In addition to new product ideas and tweaks, the system also improves communication among the different departments, allowing the company’s field staff to be more responsive to consumers, clinicians and providers, Kutch says.

“A couple of days ago, there was a note in the system from field staff about a knobby tire option,” she said. “We were able to tell them, ‘That’s going to be available shortly. We’re just waiting for inventory.’ They didn’t have to call around and find out.”

Initially, Quantum Rehab launched the system just for its domestic sales force, but based on its success, the company has decided to use it globally, Kutch said.

“So we’re looking at things from all different angles,” she said.