DMERC updates ADMC process

Friday, June 30, 2006

COLUMBIA, S.C. - TriCenturion, the DMERC/PSC for regions A and B, released a bulletin in May updating the advanced determination of Medicare coverage (ADMC) process for certain wheelchair base codes and related options and accessories. The ADMC can be used for manual wheelchairs E1161, E1231-E1234, K0005 and K0009; and power wheelchairs K0011 and K0014, but only if a power tilt and/or power recline seating system or non-joystick control device is also ordered. TriCenturion requires providers to send ADMC requests by e-mail or fax. Providers can't send the requests electronically. With their ADMC requests, providers should include a cover sheet that TriCenturion attached to its recent bulletin.