Do you still think we don't provide value?

Friday, June 20, 2014

I wanted to share with you an incident that happened with us on June 5. I have a local DME company (American Medical Equipment, Inc.) in Memphis, Tenn. We are located next to a hospital, Delta Medical Hospital, which was on fire yesterday and it was in the local news. 

We had to bring patients from Delta’s hospital emergency room to our other hospital building, where American Medical Equipment is located.

In the state of emergency, as a local DME company, American Medical Equipment provided the patients with free oxygen tanks because the administration was in need of oxygen.

We provided them with free manual wheelchairs and offered all we could provide since it was our moral and ethical duty. 

I know it’s nothing big that we have to brag about, but I just wanted to appeal to all those policymakers who are trying to shut down local small DME businesses and those who do not see any value with these businesses. I wanted to let them know that we do provide value and help to our local communities.

Even if we save one life, that’s more important than $1 million!

—Masooma Tiwana, president, American Medical Equipment, Inc., Memphis, Tenn.