Don’t do us any favors

Monday, March 31, 2008

When has The Scooter Store ever done anything in the best interests of our industry, as opposed to disguising their actions in a misguided and pathetic attempt to further their own agenda? Is there anyone who has never seen through their charades?
Sure, they’ll contend that everything they’re doing is in the best interest of the entire industry. Just listen to Mr. Harrison’s explanation for their recent letter to Congress—a letter that included information that ran counter to the industry’s position on competitive bidding. Are you kidding me!
It’s obvious that The Scooter Store would like to have world domination in powered mobility and will stoop extremely low in order to further this nefarious cause.
I’m sure they’ll continue to thrive, but I personally wouldn’t want to be burdened with the ill will they’ve brought on themselves through their industry-harming behavior. I couldn’t live with the guilt, but judging from Mr. Harrison’s posture, something tells me he sleeps well at night.

Dennis Kline, president
Source One Medical