Dr. Hoover: Be a healthcare professional

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Medical care has become more complex and as it has evolved, physicians have begun delegating more care and decisions to other clinical professionals, such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants and even prosthetists/orthotists, said former Region D medical director Dr. Robert Hoover, who now serves as senior vice president of global clinical services for Longmont, Colo.-based Sunrise Medical.
"In order for HME providers to be included in this mix, they need to understand the shift in medicine," he said.
HME providers have historically viewed themselves as business people--running a company and selling products. But as healthcare costs have risen, managed care has become more prevalent and has imposed coverage restrictions on new technology.
"At that point, exit the 'I'm just a businessman,' and enter 'I'm a healthcare professional and I need to learn a little medicine.' Has the HME provider done this? In some cases yes, but in many cases, no."