e-CMN leader soups up fax solution

Saturday, December 31, 2005

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. - Trac Medical may be a leader in developing e-CMN technology, but company officials can't ignore that most doctors still prefer faxes to Web-based solutions. And neither can American HomePatient.
In late October, Trac, a subsidiary of Authentidate, unveiled CareFax. In December, AHP signed on for the automated system, which allows a provider to send a secure, HIPAA-compliant CMN electronically to a doctor's fax machine. After filling out the CMN, the doctor's office faxes the CMN back to the provider. CareFax converts the fax back into an electronic document that enters the providers billing system.
CareFax allows doctors to continue handling CMNs in a manner they are comfortable with. The automated process makes the back and forth more efficient for providers, said Trac President Jeff Frankel.
ProviderLink also offers a system similar to CareFax.
The "beauty" of the technology is that it doesn't change the doctor's workflow and allows him to "migrate" to e-CMN technology when he is ready, said ProviderLink's Mark McCurry.
While e-CMNs have attracted a lot of attention for their potential to save providers money, less than 10% of doctors have embraced technology, McCurry said.
CareFax stamps documents with an electronic version of the U.S. Postal Service's postmark, providing "irrefutable" evidence of what the provider sent, Frankel said.