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E-prescribing: Understand technology at hand

E-prescribing: Understand technology at hand Q. How can I determine whether a new technology will be useful, and keep up with all of the different applications and files needed on a daily basis?"

A. Technology but it can sometimes be overwhelming to manage all of the different workflows that come with embracing new technologies. Sometimes, even if a new tool seems useful, the headache of managing all of the different applications can negate the tool's benefits.

A new technology is only useful if it does something new and different to improve your workflow. If your current workflow can accomplish 90% of what the new technology can offer, you have to determine if that 10% is worth learning a new system and managing it. Additionally, before adopting new technology, you should determine whether you have current systems in place that could tackle the problem at hand. Maximizing the technology you already have can help you determine what you might or might not need moving forward.

The second key component is understanding how to best manage all of the technology you use on a daily basis. First, consistency is crucial. If you have technology to handle a specific task, always complete that task using that technology. Otherwise, it can get confusing to keep track of all of the work you do. Second, try and match your workflow habits with those of your coworkers. If I know my correspondence with Craig and Jane is always done via email, I know exactly where I can find all of the information I might need.

It's important to determine what methods and philosophies work best for you individually and for your teams. But by understanding what technology you currently have, identifying where the gaps might be, determining how useful a technology will be in closing that gap, and keeping your workflow consistent.


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