Ex-Rotech employees rant, rave, plot and post

Monday, June 30, 2003

CYBERSPACE - A Web site for former Rotech Healthcare employees advertises itself as a place to “Rant, rave, plot and post.”

And then there’s stuff you can’t print in a commercial newspaper.

If there’s any doubt that CEO Phil Carter angered more than a few when he kicked off his restructuring plan by laying off hundreds of employees in January, look no further than the Yahoo! Group: Rotechbacklash (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rotechbacklash/).

In addition to spewing personal insults and other invective, the site offers job leads, jokes that make fun of the company, plus comments and a news story on the FBI’s April raid on the company.

In all, the site boasts 69 members who have posted 39 comments since April 1.

A sample of the site’s postings:

- “Knock! knock! Whose there? FBI, move away from your desks, keep your hands where we can see them!”

- “Anyone that has information that they would like to share with the investigators might want to call ______. I am sure they would like any assistance in finding out more about Rotech.”

- “We are looking for hard working patient oriented ole Rotech type people, clinicians, sales, techs and someone to hold down the fort. It would be awesome if these individuals had a following, (a book of business) that could jumpstart the proposed operation. E-mail me back with potentials and hopefully something can be developed.”

Rotech officials did not return calls for this story. HME