Exec team revamped

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In addition to launching its new Emerging Markets division, the VGM Group is appointing several new faces to its executive team.

Among the new team members: Clint Geffert, who was brought on board in 2012 as national vice president of sales, has been named president, Dave Lyman is the new director of alternate care and Chris Hetherton has been tapped to fill the newly created position of vice president of operations.

The move comes as part of VGM’s effort to continue to evolve and embrace this dynamic time in healthcare, said Geffert.

“Provider needs are changing and technology is evolving at a rapid pace,” he said. “Our mission is to see what innovative ideas and products are out there that we can identify and bring to market.”

As the Emerging Market division’s focus will be on identifying and developing new business opportunities, Geffert said he will concentrate on enhancing member recruitment efforts and introducing new services.

“We’re going to be more analytical,” he explained.  With newly available data, “we’re going to be looking at all the ways we do business, both internally and externally, in order to continue to be an asset to members.” 

Geffert is still in the process of putting together his team. His goal is to have several new initiatives outlined and underway by MedTrade Spring in Las Vegas.

Overall, VGM is in a fortunate position in that is constantly hearing new ideas. In the past, limited resources could hinder the organization’s capacity to explore new options, he said. 

“Now, we can look more closely at rolling out new ideas so that we can continue to grow in the HME space,” said Geffert.