Exhibitor highlights: Invacare booth salutes HME industry

Sunday, September 25, 2011

BOOTH 714 - Elyria, Ohio-based Invacare is celebrating the "amazing work" HME providers do for their clients with a new campaign called "Making Life's Experiences Possible" at Medtrade this year.

By nearly doubling its exhibit space over last year, Invacare is primed to introduce compelling new products while relating how home medical equipment is making a difference in users' lives, said Sandy Habecker, Invacare's manager of trade shows and events.

"We want providers to leave the Invacare booth reminded of the amazing work that our industry does for the people who use our products," she said. "We will share great stories of making life's experiences possible and we will introduce new and innovative products that will enhance what Invacare can offer to its customers and their patients."

An active team of Invacare executives, business managers and territory managers will be on hand to assist all booth attendees. The Invacare Visual Configurator, known as ViC, will be on display throughout the show, along with a Bed Entrapment Video that educates providers about the risks related to bed rail entrapment while offering prevention techniques.

By focusing on the personal victories home medical equipment has produced, it may inspire larger victories for the entire industry, Habecker says.

"As an industry, we're notoriously our own worst enemy," she said. "We describe ourselves in ways that minimize our value and don't accurately describe the work we do. We sell products as if the services surrounding them, like delivery, consultation and proper fit, are inherent and included. We need to change the perception that our industry deals equipment to stressing the reality that we provide millions of people with products that let them experience life. Respect must start with how we treat ourselves, which is why our booth will be focusing on the brand promise of Invacare and the overall industry."