Express Medical launches enhanced website

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - At Express Medical Supply, the virtual and the tangible go hand in hand. 

The provider recently upgraded its website and sent out its latest catalogue and its already seen an increase in sales.

"We think there's a handshake between our physical catalog and the website itself," said Mark Richardson. "We think people go through the catalogue, decide what they want to order and then go online to order it." 

Each year, the St. Louis, Mo.-based Express Medical mails out a national catalog (65,000 copies in 2011). The provider of ostomy, urological, incontinence and wound care supplies has a brick-and-mortar store, but conducts more than 50% of its business through The recent upgrade is the first since the mid '90s. 

"As technology has improved, it's important to keep your website fresh," said Mary Nussbaum, accountant and information manager. 

New features include improved navigation, expanded descriptions of products and more photos, PDF files of user manuals and links to product how-to videos. One interesting new feature: Customers can now go back to previous receipts to order products, rather than searching through the site for each item. 

So far, feedback on the new site has been positive, said Richardson. 

"Our customer base consists of some elderly people who don't like any change, so when we get positive feedback from them, we think we've really done exceptionally well," said Richardson.