Extreme Team draws a crowd

Friday, November 30, 2007

In the world of blood glucose meters, AgaMatrix is David, trying to grab some marketshare from the likes of J&J and other industry Goliaths.
To help do that, the start-up unleashed the Extreme Team (left) in August at the American Academy of Diabetic Educators meeting in St. Louis.
"We created such a stir that other vendors were actually upset because the lines were so long to get into the AgaMatrix booth that they were infringing on their booths," said Maureen Ursprung, AgaMatrix's marketing manager.
The Extreme Team, a group of enthusiastic employees, engaged attendees on street corners, hotels and local restaurants, with games (shooting baskets, for example) and the promise of gifts if they visited the AgaMatrix booth.
AgaMatrix is out to establish its WaveSense technology as high-quality, accurate and priced to provide profits under Medicare's competitive bidding program, said Ursprung, who sits on the board of directors for the New England Medical Equipment Dealers (NEMED) association.
"If they partner with the right company that can show them how to do the marketing to the referral sources and have the right technology at the right price, it is going to be successful," she said.