Financial & Billing Services

Thursday, February 28, 2002

We asked vendors of leasing, insurance, billing and other financial services to provide a description of their product. Here's what they had to say.

Allegro Medical Billing Service handles Medicare and secondary billing for about 100 clients. The mix is half DME companies/ half pharmacies. It provides daily faxes for insight on the payment process, what's on the payment floor, as well as monthly reports for accounts receivable, cash receipts and sales for the previous month.
Centralized Billing

Centralized Billing & Intake (CBI) provides complete billing and consulting services, including full-service claim submission, A/R management, billing and operational and financial consulting. CBI bills all DMERCs, Medicaid, commercial insurance and private pay.
Chase Industries

Chase Industries has been providing lease financing for the home health industry for over nine years. It has individuals with over 18 years experience in the vendor-leasing industry. Chase will fund in excess of $18 million in lease transactions during fiscal 2002.

Commercial Credit Counseling Services (CCC) is a corporate debt restructuring firm. It helps companies that can not afford to pay their debts by developing a plan that the debtor can afford while satisfying the different needs of each creditor. CCC has helped many companies in this industry stay in business.

ECS Billing & Consulting (ECS) offers training, consulting and e-billing services for companies that provide HME and respiratory and home infusion supplies. It can help produce "clean claims," maximize collections, decrease denials and ensure quick claims turnaround by reducing DSO. ECS submits claims to Medicare, Medicaid, MCO's and other payers.

Express-Med's Pharmacy Management Agreement supplies respiratory medication services, analyzes your shipment volumes, and develops an understanding of your state pharmacy regulations. Learn how a Pharmacy Managing Agreement can build additional revenue for you.

Healthcare Business Credit Corp. provides asset-based and cash flow financing, exclusively to healthcare providers. In the midst of the rapid change within the healthcare industry, HBCC is committed to heathcare finance. We strive to build strong and lasting relationships with out clients by finding the best financing solutions to meet today's changing needs and fulfill the long-term goals of tomorrow.

Jane's Biling and Consultation Services focuses on timely claims filing and reimbursement. It provides turn-key billing services coupled with comprehensive claims and A/R management. Jane's is powered by Jane W. Bunch, founder and CEO, and Helen M. Farrell, senior consultant/ reimbursement specialist. Together, they bring more than 35 years of experience.
Medwork of Wisconsin

Medwork of Wisconsin specializes in billing and collections for DME. We offer friendly and personalized services with the lowest rates. We bill electronically to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance agencies. We can provide full service billing for a low, per-claim rate. There are no start-up fees for our service.
Preferred Capital

Preferred Capital can finance virtually any type of medical and capital equipment through its "focused" Home and Alternate Care financing division. We offer a wide range of financing & leasing options , from consolidation and refinancing options to custom and deferred payment plans to computer hardware and software leasing.

Proclaim Reimbursement Manager (PRM) electronically submits claims to hundreds of carriers nationwide. Its comprehensive A/R manager automatically posts remittances directly into your A/R system. Its inventory module tracks serialized and lot number items, and prints delivery and pick-up slips.
Reimbursement Services

Reimbursement Services provides automated solutions for the medical community, specializing in DME. Its AccuClaim Billing Service improves accuracy and efficiency. Its DMExpert for Windows software allows you to do your own billing.

RemitData offers a comprehensive analysis of Medicare payments and denials on a weekly basis. We show the most common denial codes, what HCPCS they occur on and denial rates for each HCPCS. We increase productivity with reports that sort denials by billing rep, denial code and dollar amount, as well as pre-populated review/appeal forms for required denial codes. We also provide benchmarking capabilities.

With its working capital loans, Sharpe writes a check to the medical professional, and he is free to spend the funds as they see fit. The funds can be used for equipment, computers, software, office furniture, tenant improvements, practice acquisition, advertising or working capital. We offer traditional leasing with terms of one to seven years repayment.
The Weeks Group

The Weeks Group's Total Business Improvement System (TBIS) is a proven method to increase the cash flow, profitability and growth of your business. It forges the solution for one problem without causing another, designs solutions for today without sacrificing opportunities of the future, transforms companies from being reactive to proactive, and focuses cash flow, profitability and growth - in that order.