Former MED president plans spiritual retreat

Thursday, March 31, 2005

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Joking that he's "not retired, just tired," former MED Group president David Miller is doing anything but sitting in a rocking chair after 34 years at MED. If things go according to plan, MED's second largest stockholder will be the next mayor of Lubbock in 2006 . "I've tossed my hat in the ring," he said about the non-partisan mayoral election for the town of about 200,000. Miller also is busy developing Spirit Ranch, a Christian retreat for men on a several hundred-acre plot near Lubbock. A lifelong dream of Miller's, the idea is to encourage male bonding and team-building through "cowboy activities," such as roping cattle, on the West Texas range. He hopes to open the ranch by the fall of 2005.