Forms add ‘predictability’

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas--When providers think of standardized forms to collect power wheelchair documentation, they often think of The Scooter Store. The Scooter Store uses forms created by the Texas Association of Family Practitioners, CEO Doug Harrison acknowledges, but it also requires additional documentation from a physician’s chart to proceed with a claim. Here’s what else Harrison had to say.

On the use of forms

“Physicians use forms routinely to document the need for certain procedures. We believe that Texas and other state physician associations have done a very reasonable job of translating a very detailed LCD into a format that is usable.”

On the advantage

“A standardized form created by physicians adds a much higher degree of predictability to the compliance process. But state physician associations have also made their forms available to other suppliers.”

On the DME MAC letter

“It does concern us. We have been in contact with the leaders of several of the state physician groups and they will be meeting with the medical directors.”